Grow edutainment is a transformation playground for individuals, teams, organizations and communities.
Founded in 2013 by learning&development professionals and growth freaks Anush Manucharyan and Sona Hovhannisyan, grow edutainment pioneered in inventing learning know-how’s and delivering cutting-edge development formats in Armenia and rapidly gained its name as a company with different “edutaining” approach to learning and development.

grow edutainment mission
We provide insightful learning experiences to challenge, transform and impact individuals, businesses and community. Our unique edutaining environment represents mini model for happy life - that is when people are open to grow themselves & others in a conscious way, use their full potential, have fun, connect and share. By doing this we help to build healthy relationships, competitive country and fulfilled nation.

grow edutainment vision
grow edutainment is number one choice for those who seek in–depth personal and professional transformation, out of box learning methodologies and insightful experiences.

grow edutainment values
• Deepness
• Sustainability
• Sharing
• Connection
• Responsibility
• Honesty
• Fun
• Adventure
• Transformation


grow edutainment approach

At “grow”, we believe that if we are not enjoying the transformation process, then we are doing something wrong.
This is why we have adopted growth formula for all of our learning programs which is:

That means that our growth programs are not only educative, efficient and effective but also playful, enjoyable, entertaining and fun.


grow edutainment rules

Before we land off, here are three grounding rules that will help you to set right expectations and get most of your learning journey.
1. Be your own driving force. What do you want from your life? How do you want your career to look like? How does your dream team look like? What kind of country you want to live in? No one knows it better than you. «Be your own growth’ driving force» and let us know what is the milestone you want to get to. Grow edutainment will get you’re the ‘learning fuel” to achieve your desired growth.
2. Enjoy the transformation process. Let’s break the rule of getting to a result through painful and exhausting process. We make your journey edutaining and insightful and we want you to fasten your seat-belts and enjoy your transformation process.
3. Pay forward. At grow edutainment we love to share our ideas, insights and tools but even more than that we love to pass forward the learning we got from someone to other people. We think this is the best « thank you» we could ever give to the one who shared his know-how with us. We invite you to follow the principle of «Paying forward» throughout your growth journey.



benefits 2 grow with us


Why should you choose 2grow with us? Here are main advantages listed by our program participants
o unique learning journey: you will get unique one-of–a-kind learning journey tailored to your needs & specifics, your situation and your personality
o growing network: you will enlarge your network and meet the most interesting and inspiring people
o growth measurement: you will always be able to measure your growth
o conscious control : you will be able to control the depth of change you want to get into
o choice and power to decide: you will always be the decision maker of what, when, how and why you want to achieve
o everything is personal, not only business: you’ll always get professional service with personal touch

grow edutainment methods and formats

We are aware that knowledge became accessible to everyone –this practically means that any information we could transmit, you could easily find yourself – from the books, internet, friends and your network. What really matters in today’s learning though – it is the method of how you get this information and whether there is added value to hard card information you receive.

With the methods that we apply during your programs you will always get something more than you’ve expected, something that you have never thought could be gained. Here is where edutainment magic happens.


Learn about methods we use:

Growth Centers
Life/Career orientation
First time challenge...
Action Learning
Appreciative Inquiry
World Café


growth days

July 2024
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  • Manushak Vahramyan, Director at AEON anti-cafe

    Growth center assessment program helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses, areas where i need to work on my competencies improvement. The feedbacks from other participants were as a mirror, showcasing each others lacks. I used all the gained knowledge during my management at my company.

    Manushak Vahramyan, Director at AEON anti-cafe

  • Asya Galstyan, Grow2grow program participant

    After participating in grow2grow trainers’ development program the audience is an “open book” for me. I clearly know how to build effective relations and contact with the training grop. Any trainer should pass a similar training program at least once a year.

    Asya Galstyan, Grow2grow program participant

  • David Baghdasaryan, Compass program participant

    I participated in Compass career orientation and counseling program, obtained knowledge about various tools related to personal development. The program helped me understand new directions of my further development.

    David Baghdasaryan, Compass program participant

  • Ashot Sargsyan, Sales trainer at Orange Armenia, Growth center participant

    It is more important which direction you are moving in, rather than the position you hold. Holmes.I came to assessment as a specialist who was interested in new methods in this sphere. I left the assessment as a participant, who also discovered much about his improvement areas and obtained tools to work on improvement. Here I found professionals who are thinking not about your position, but the direction you are moving in.

    Ashot Sargsyan, Sales trainer at Orange Armenia, Growth center participant

  • Robert Araqelyan, Compass program participant

    Thanks to Compass Program not only I discovered my career path but also my life purpose.
    I have discovered myself as an individual no one ever knew about including me.
    Precious knowledge, unforgettable feelings, long-lasting relationships and endless motivation – those are the words to describe my Compass experience

    Robert Araqelyan, Compass program participant


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