2grow edutainment team

Our Growth consultants, internationally certified trainers and coaches Anush Manucharyan and Sona Hovhannisyan have been co-creating learning spaces and programs together for 7 + years for local and international teams in corporate and non corporate settings. 

Anush Manucharyan and Sona Hovhannisyan have met in 2005 in AIESEC, world largest youth organization. Since then they had the chance to work together on different projects, both in corporate and non-corporate settings enjoying togetherness and sharing passion for development and growth.

Throughout the years they have developed great friendship and partnership that gave birth to several Learning and Development programs and co-authorship. In April, 2013 Anush and Sona co-founded “GROW” Edutainment Center, which is a transformation playground for individuals, teams, business and community. 


2grow edutainment team
Sona Hovhannisyan is Co-Founder and Program Director of GROW LLC (brand grow edutainment).
She is Certified Professional Business Trainer and Business Coach with 9+ years extensive working experience in corporate and non-corporate sectors.

Sona is author, trainer and facilitator of various learning and development programs,  as well as agenda manager and facilitator of several national and international conferences in Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Tajikistan, Italy, Czech Republic, Brazil, Austria. Beside that Sona Hovhannisyan has working experience in the sphere of Public Relations, Arts Management, NGO management and Higher Education Management.

Sona is TEDxYerevan Speaker. You can watch her talk here


Zodiac sign: Leo
Main charachteristics: Emotional, humorous, stubborn, artistic
Dreams: Travel the world, Build own wooden house in Dilijan, See Armenia competitive and strong
Things Sona is good at: foreign languages, creation and innovation, connecting people
Have no idea about: financial management
learning priorities for this year: Cooking, Tango and Armenian Folk dances, History and Geography
The book: “The little prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery


2grow edutainment teamAnush Manucharyan is human resource management and training and development professional. She is co-founder and executive director at “GROW” LLC and also holds the position of Sales Academy Project Manager at “Orange Armenia” CJSC. She has developed and implemented a number of development programs both in business and NGO environment. Anush has got Professional Business Trainer and Business Coach international certifications by Door International and Development Group and also holds certification of Management Consultant (CMCE) by Chartered Management Institute, UK. Anush holds the PhD degree in Economics and is lecturing in Yerevan State University distance learning laboratory and in Academy of justice of RA. Main areas of expertise are human resource management telecommunications, tourism management, sales and customer service, negotiations as well as organizational development in commercial and public sectors.


Zodiac sign: Libra
Main charachteristics: Balanced, positive, realistic, result-oriented
Dreams: Find harmony with oneself and the world around
Things Anush is good at: noticing details,allocating people, negotiating
Have no idea about:  chemistry
3 learning priorities for this year: Finance, One new development format, Web-design
The book: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho


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  • Manushak Vahramyan, Director at AEON anti-cafe

    Growth center assessment program helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses, areas where i need to work on my competencies improvement. The feedbacks from other participants were as a mirror, showcasing each others lacks. I used all the gained knowledge during my management at my company.

    Manushak Vahramyan, Director at AEON anti-cafe

  • Asya Galstyan, Grow2grow program participant

    After participating in grow2grow trainers’ development program the audience is an “open book” for me. I clearly know how to build effective relations and contact with the training grop. Any trainer should pass a similar training program at least once a year.

    Asya Galstyan, Grow2grow program participant

  • David Baghdasaryan, Compass program participant

    I participated in Compass career orientation and counseling program, obtained knowledge about various tools related to personal development. The program helped me understand new directions of my further development.

    David Baghdasaryan, Compass program participant

  • Ashot Sargsyan, Sales trainer at Orange Armenia, Growth center participant

    It is more important which direction you are moving in, rather than the position you hold. Holmes.I came to assessment as a specialist who was interested in new methods in this sphere. I left the assessment as a participant, who also discovered much about his improvement areas and obtained tools to work on improvement. Here I found professionals who are thinking not about your position, but the direction you are moving in.

    Ashot Sargsyan, Sales trainer at Orange Armenia, Growth center participant

  • Robert Araqelyan, Compass program participant

    Thanks to Compass Program not only I discovered my career path but also my life purpose.
    I have discovered myself as an individual no one ever knew about including me.
    Precious knowledge, unforgettable feelings, long-lasting relationships and endless motivation – those are the words to describe my Compass experience

    Robert Araqelyan, Compass program participant


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