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Whether you and your team have difficulty in finding solution to existing problem or you want to come up with a joint decision on new ways to promote your business, our team coaching and decision making program is there to provide you with the right support to boost your team productivity and performance. Team coaching and decision making programs are aimed at ensuring the right environment for your team to look at the existing problems from a new, different angle and supporting in using the team potential for the best team result.


Our methods help teams to focus on interpersonal skills and interactions, the way they communicate with one another – these are important drivers of effective team performance. Through iteractive questioning and situation modelling we identify common group behaviors, demonstrate gaps in perception and thinking, providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly, and to work together in a manner that creates shared group understanding and increases effectiveness.


The program is open to any team in business and non governmental setting. The only prerequisites for you to apply to the program are- willingness and openness to accept the problem and find the ways to its solution. The program can be effective only if supported by the team leader.


The duration of the program can vary depending on the scope of the problem- starting from 5 hours during 2 consecutive team meetings.


Please see growth stories page for more referential on the programs


Fill in this form to show your interest the program. We will provide you with the first consultancy visit free of charge.

growth days

  • Manushak Vahramyan, Director at AEON anti-cafe

    Growth center assessment program helped me to realize my strengths and weaknesses, areas where i need to work on my competencies improvement. The feedbacks from other participants were as a mirror, showcasing each others lacks. I used all the gained knowledge during my management at my company.

    Manushak Vahramyan, Director at AEON anti-cafe

  • Asya Galstyan, Grow2grow program participant

    After participating in grow2grow trainers’ development program the audience is an “open book” for me. I clearly know how to build effective relations and contact with the training grop. Any trainer should pass a similar training program at least once a year.

    Asya Galstyan, Grow2grow program participant

  • David Baghdasaryan, Compass program participant

    I participated in Compass career orientation and counseling program, obtained knowledge about various tools related to personal development. The program helped me understand new directions of my further development.

    David Baghdasaryan, Compass program participant

  • Ashot Sargsyan, Sales trainer at Orange Armenia, Growth center participant

    It is more important which direction you are moving in, rather than the position you hold. Holmes.I came to assessment as a specialist who was interested in new methods in this sphere. I left the assessment as a participant, who also discovered much about his improvement areas and obtained tools to work on improvement. Here I found professionals who are thinking not about your position, but the direction you are moving in.

    Ashot Sargsyan, Sales trainer at Orange Armenia, Growth center participant

  • Robert Araqelyan, Compass program participant

    Thanks to Compass Program not only I discovered my career path but also my life purpose.
    I have discovered myself as an individual no one ever knew about including me.
    Precious knowledge, unforgettable feelings, long-lasting relationships and endless motivation – those are the words to describe my Compass experience

    Robert Araqelyan, Compass program participant


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